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If your company is interested in partnering with us and sponsoring a 2015 IPD project, contact us at to receive more information and an application packet.

Project Partners

Is your company a potential IPD Project Sponsor? 
For the 2015 project year, we are offering a total of 35 sponsored partnerships to accommodate the anticipated 200+ students. Typically each of the teams will have six students. The projects run one calendar year, which is divided into three parts:

  • A spring conceptual design semester, focusing on opportunity identification, market research, creative solutions, and technical and financial feasibility.
  • An optional summer at your company (funded separately).
  • A fall semester of fabricating, building and testing a prototype, models, and simulations of both technical and business aspects of the project.

The projects begin with a trade show-style Sponsor Fair in January 2014 and conclude with the final presentations in early December with many opportunities in between for both formal and informal interactions. Throughout the year the primary role of the industry partner is strategic not tactical, however the partnership requires one to two hours per week of communication with the student team. The industry partnerships that are most successful include the following:

  • A project mentor who has the time and interest to be focused on the experience.
  • A project focus that is important enough to the company that resources have been allocated, both human and financial – but not so critical that the yearlong process will become burdensome.
  • A company that promotes a culture of innovation and creativity and seeks employees who embody those values.

If you are interested in joining the dozens of companies that have partnered with IPD, please contact John Ochs, IPD director, at or (610) 758-4593; or Lisa Getzler-Linn, senior director of administration and programs, at or (610) 758-4620.

Download our 2015 IPD sponsor information packet.
View 2014 Capstone Course Projects booklet.